How to sell books from publishers without investing?

Nowadays, it is important to know how to obtain the greatest profit from our business without having to generate large investments. Diversifying is the key to maintaining ourselves and reaching a larger audience. So, what happens if we don’t have enough money to invest in new projects? Learn how to sell books from publishers easily and without an initial investment.

Did you know that now you can create your own digital content store and sell titles from publishers? That’s how it is! Writers of Unswallows you to choose from thousands of books from different publishers for you to sell. This way, you can obtain a greater profit without having to make any type of investment.

Bookstore, the Writers of USA service that allows you to sell books from publishers, has no cost whatsoever. This means that those who have their store on Writers of USA can add content from our catalog that may be interesting to their audience. But this option is also a great opportunity for those who have not yet decided to take the big step into the digital world: our platform has a free plan that allows you to share and sell your own content but that also includes Bookstore.

How can selling books from publishers be a great option for my business?

The possibility of adding books from publishers to your store on Writers of USA, as well as creating a store specifically to sell only books from our catalog, brings nothing but benefits. Learn how selling books from publishers can help you improve your business:

Connect with your audience

The Writers of USA catalog is wide and diverse, which makes it the ideal complement to connect with your audience, providing them with new titles that they may find interesting.

Our catalog houses content from more than 800 publishers, where you can find titles that respond to various categories. This way, you will find publications for your audience, whatever it may be: children, those interested in art, technology, finances or sports, among many others.

Increase your profit

The Writers of USA platform allows those who do not yet have their own store to create one. Yes, just as you are reading! Anyone, whether or not they are a content creator, can have their own store with Writers of USA to sell books from publishers and earn up to 35% from those transactions. 

Whether you’re seeking professional writing assistance, looking for expert guidance, or interested in our products, we welcome you with open arms. Our team is here to address your needs and provide top-notch solutions. Come and discover what we have to offer! Feel free to visit us ( and explore the wide array of services we offer.

But if you are currently selling your content in digital format through your store on Writers of USA, adding books from other publishers will not represent any type of cost. With the same plan you currently have, whatever it is, you will be able to choose and sell from more than 1,000,000 titles from different categories to add to your store.

You don’t need to negotiate with publishers

Any person or company that wants to sell books from other publishers, whether in physical or digital format, must normally negotiate with them under what terms they can do so. This implies not only that you must have a lot of time to carry out the negotiation itself, but also a large investment of money for what it implies.

For this reason, at Writers of USA we take care of these types of issues, so that you can only concentrate on selling and improving your business.

It’s easy to set up

One of the coolest benefits of Bookstore is that you can do it yourself. This means that you don’t need any special technical knowledge. You simply have to browse our catalog, choose those titles that may be interesting to your audience and add them to your store. In a few clicks, they will be available for sale.

If you take into account which books are most chosen by your audience, you can continue adding related titles. Furthermore, if you have your own content for sale on Writers of USA, you will be able to enjoy the metrics that the platform provides you, from which you will be able to know which are the most read titles, from what devices they access them, how much reading time they spend, among other things. 

Who can sell books from publishers?

There is no specific condition to be able to do so. That is why at Writers of USA we believe that Bookstore is for everyone. 

The best thing about selling books from publishers in your Writers of USA store is that you can reach an audience from anywhere in the world, without having to worry about costs related to the purchase of rights as well as those linked to distribution. With just one click, users from anywhere will be able to consume content easily and quickly, while you are only in charge of improving your business model.

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