How to Get Over Someone You Never Dated

Understanding Unrequited Feelings

Feelings of attachment towards someone with whom a romantic relationship never materialized can be emotionally challenging. Despite not officially dating, the emotional investment and unreciprocated affection can linger, causing distress and impeding personal growth. It’s crucial to navigate these sentiments constructively. Here are ten impactful steps to help you get over someone you never dated.

Acknowledge Your Emotions

Begin by acknowledging and accepting your emotions. It’s normal to feel heartache or longing for someone who never reciprocated your feelings. Allow yourself to recognize these emotions without judgment.

Clarify the Relationship

Reflect on the dynamics between you and the person in question. Assess if there were mixed signals or misinterpretations leading to your emotions. Often, clarifying the lack of mutual interest helps in accepting the reality of the situation.

Distance Yourself

Creating space is crucial for emotional healing. Consider distancing yourself from reminders of that person—physically and digitally. Unfollow or mute their social media profiles and limit exposure to places where you might encounter them.

Focus on Self-Care

Redirect your attention towards self-care and personal growth. Engage in activities that bring joy and fulfillment. Whether it’s a hobby, exercise routine, or exploring new interests, prioritize your well-being.

Seek Support

Don’t hesitate to seek support from friends, family, or a professional therapist. Expressing your feelings and gaining different perspectives can provide clarity and aid in the healing process.

Embrace Closure

Recognize that closure doesn’t always come from external sources. Sometimes, closure is about finding peace within yourself. Write a letter (not to be sent) expressing your feelings, thoughts, and the closure you seek.

Redirect Your Focus

Shift your focus onto future prospects. Set personal goals, career objectives, or travel plans. Redirecting your energy towards constructive pursuits can bring a sense of purpose and excitement.

Cultivate Positivity

Practice gratitude and positivity. Focus on the good aspects of your life. Embrace affirmations and positive thinking to rewire your mindset towards optimism.

Learn and Grow

View this experience as a learning opportunity. Reflect on the lessons gained from this unrequited affection. Use these insights to evolve and grow as an individual.

Give Yourself Time

Healing takes time, so be patient with yourself. Don’t rush the process; allow yourself to experience and process emotions at your own pace.

Navigating unrequited emotions involves patience, self-compassion, and deliberate efforts towards personal growth. Implementing these steps can aid in the healing journey, allowing you to move forward positively.


Q: How do I move on from someone I never officially dated?

A: It’s normal to develop feelings for someone even without being in a formal relationship. Give yourself time to grieve the loss of what could have been, focus on self-care, and gradually distance yourself to create emotional space.

Q: Why is it so hard to get over someone I never had a relationship with?

A: Emotional attachment can form even without a formal commitment. Your mind might have created expectations and fantasies about the potential relationship, making it difficult to let go of those feelings.

Q: Should I tell them how I feel to get closure?

A: While closure can be helpful, it’s essential to consider the consequences. If expressing your feelings might complicate things or if the other person doesn’t share the same emotions, it might be better to seek closure internally through self-reflection and acceptance.

Q: How can I stop obsessing over someone I never dated?

A: Focus on yourself and your personal growth. Engage in activities that bring you joy, spend time with friends and family, and practice self-care. Distracting yourself with hobbies or new experiences can help redirect your thoughts.

Q: Is it normal to feel heartbroken over someone I never officially had a relationship with?

A: Absolutely. Heartbreak isn’t exclusive to official relationships. The emotions and connections you felt were real, even if the relationship itself wasn’t. Acknowledge your feelings and allow yourself to heal at your own pace.


Getting over someone you never dated can be a complex and challenging experience. While there was no official relationship, feelings and emotional investment can still develop, making it difficult to move on. To effectively overcome these emotions:

Accept reality: Acknowledge that the relationship never progressed beyond a certain point and that it’s important to let go of what could have been.

Allow yourself to grieve: It’s okay to feel sad, disappointed, or even heartbroken. Give yourself permission to process these emotions.

Focus on self-care: Engage in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. Exercise, spend time with friends and family, or pursue hobbies and interests.

Set boundaries: Limit interactions that may trigger reminders of the person. Unfollow or mute them on social media and avoid places that hold sentimental value.

Shift your perspective: Recognize that there are other opportunities for love and connections in the future. Stay open to new experiences and relationships.

Seek support: Talk to friends, family, or a therapist if needed. Sharing your feelings and receiving support can aid in the healing process.

Remember, healing takes time, and it’s essential to be patient and kind to yourself throughout the journey of moving on from someone you never officially dated.

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