What is Crypto Arbitrage, and How You Can Benefit From It?

Doing crypto arbitrage provides crypto traders with an amazing opportunity to earn money through trading. However, just like any other trading strategy, cryptocurrency orbitrage has its benefits and drawbacks. We will discuss the meaning of crypto arbitrage, and will discuss the possible benefits of crypto arbitrage for crypto traders.

What is Crypto Arbitrage?

Crypto arbitrage is just like normal arbitrage in which crypto traders benefit from small price differences in the cryprocurrencies across two or more exchanges.

For Example: If exchange A is selling Bitcoin for $22,000 and exchange B is buying it for $22,400, a trader can buy Bitcoin from exchange A and sell it on exchange B for a $400 profit.

There are hundreds of registered crypto exchanges, and traders can advantage of the slight price fluctuations across these exchanges.

Why the price differences?

The main reason for these price differences is piled up exchange orders and market inefficiencies. This mostly happens with large exchanges, and doesn’t happen in the case of small exchanges. Small the exchanges usually copy prices of cryptocurrencies from larger exchanges, hence leaving arbitrage opportunities negligible.

Keep in mind that crypto exchanges keep updating the price of different crypto assets according to their demand and supply at any given time. This is another reason for price difference of same crypto assets across different crypto exchanges.

Is Crypto Arbitrage Legal?

Since crypto arbitrage includes capitalizing on inefficiencies in the crypto market, it is completely legal. In fact, crypto arbitrage benefits the international crypto market by making the prices across different exchanges uniform. You can also join a crypto affiliate network, and make additional money while trading.

Crypto Arbitrage: Things To Remember

Let’s take a look at some of the key points you should keep in mind while doing crypto arbitrage.

Wallet Risks

Beware of the hot wallet risks while doing crypto arbitrage. As a crypto arbitrageur, you might be required by the crypto exchange to keep your assets in the wallet provided by the exchange you’re using. This is why you should only do crypto arbitrage by using highly reputable crypto exchanges which are known to be arbitrage-friendly.

Transaction Costs

Transaction cost is one of the most important things you should keep in mind while doing crypto arbitrage. Since the profit margin the crypto arbitrage is already too thin, you won’t want hidden transaction Costs to eat into your profit.

In order to seize the perfect opportunity whenever you see it, you should deposit a sizeable amount of cryptocurrency in multiple cryptocurrency wallets at once. This will allow you to execute the trade before the price difference disappears.

Stay updated with the latest changes in trading fee structure on the exchanges you use for crypto arbitrage to minimize the risk of loss.


After briefly discussing the legality of crypto arbitrage, we can safely conclude that it is both legal, and perfectly suitable for crypto traders who don’t want to wait for a long time to profit from their crypto investment. However, you should do proper research before doing crypto arbitrage.

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